Preventative Maintenance

 Preventative Maintenance on your vehicle is the absolute best thing you can do for it.  Let us make

sure we keep your vehicle running

it's best for the miles ahead.

Vehicle Diagnostics

When those warning lights come on, let us take a look.  We aren't going to sell you on something you don't need.  We will be open and honest with you on how to prioritize your vehicle's issues so you can make an informed decision. 

Electrical Systems

 Electrical systems and computer technology come together in today's advanced vehicles.  Let us take care of I.T. 

Engine Repairs

 Your vehicle will have an issue at some point.  It's inevitable.  We will repair it with precision, excellence and quality work.   

Brake Systems

 Your vehicle needs brakes and brakes that work well. 

Enough said.

HVAC Systems

 Indiana weather is unpredictable.  We get it.  Let us help make sure you have heat or air conditioning available when ready.  Because in Indiana     

you might very well use 

them in the same day.